💞 Our Love Experiences 🌟

Have you ever been in love? I trust that majority reading this, will say a yes after reading this question. 😊 So yes, we all have experienced that emotion; the energy and influx that lights us up yeah? 🤩 I was reading a Bible text that was written by David, earlier this past week. And […]

💞 Our Love Experiences 🌟

Beautiful writing ❤️


I was waiting for it
The beauty
The beautifully done foundation and concealer
Eye lashes that made my eyes seen
The lined lids with a tinge of glitter

I was waiting for it
The red lipstick
My beautiful black dress
With my high heels on

I was waiting for it
Sometimes I would feel something bubble within me
To share the verse that blessed me
Even though I’m not the christian girl you would frame
I have something to say
But let me wait
Wait for the beauty to be availed
And I will share all I bottled up
But the beauty
The beauty must have forgotten that I was waiting
Because it was taking so long

But who knew
Even ashes can tell a story
Rich with every memory
That even while in the writing
Every page can show His glory
That even while in the waiting
There’s always a supply of strength

From my view all I saw was messy
But you called it a ‘miracle’
I told you I was in ruins
Fixing me would be a waste of resources
But you said you don’t mind getting your hands dirty
So you became my chief contractor on site
And I your project
I guess you could call me a work in progress

I am not at the end of my story
I am actually at its genesis
At its inception
Yet you ask me to share and tell
I only have few pieces of this puzzle
And yet you call it a masterpiece

Then it occurred to me
That even the process of my story is still something worth sharing

If Jesus Christ’s wounds could minister healing
So will mine
So I will gladly share my incomplete story
The story of ashes and dry bones
The story of valleys and deserts
The story of addiction and failure
The story of abuse and rejection
My weaknesses being the highlights of his strength
And my brokenness the fertile soils of our intimacy
A story of the process behind the progress❤️

Thank you for reading.❤️.I pray this encouraged someone to embrace the journey and even if you’re not where you want to be, you’ve taken a step or steps and right where you are, you can tell your story. This writing was done by my amazing friend Alice Israel and I❤️. And I’d like to apologize for my disappearance, the busyness of university always has a way of surprising me.🥺


I felt like I was biting off more than I can chew
Or I’ve been given a task way above my qualifications
And that I should report back every night with a perfect record
I look clean now
I know
But how will I maintain it that way?
Clean and stain-free

Honestly, I have never trusted myself enough to stand
Pebbles find their way of making me trip
Sticks and stones have broken my bones
And broken bones make it really hard for me to take my next step

I am afraid
Of letting my Good Sir down
Of letting my friends be right
They are close enough but far
Close enough to see me down
And offer help with their muddy hands

They offer ways of cleaning up
That haven’t evidently worked
But when they find me down
Then their ideas seem like the most feasible
When they find me down
I will agree

I needed to talk to him
So I grabbed my keys
Put on some sandals
Took a quick look at myself
Just to make sure I’m still clean

I arrived and he was around
I knocked and he called me in
I found him seated
I looked around what a beauty he dealt in
He then motioned me to take a seat
I asked, me?
Then he smiled and said ‘yes’

I took a seat
Cleared my throat and began to speak
“To error is to be human right?
Then the calling is holiness
I have confidence in your cleansing
But how to stay that way is what I am struggling with
To uphold your perfect standard
I think you helped the wrong girl
It was hard to be where I was
But it was more natural

Then he replied
“It is I
Not you
But I
I took your dirt and gave you my righteousness
You are the very righteousness of God
Nothing you do in me disqualifies you
You fall and rise by my grace provided for you by me
So it is not your carefulness that is keeping you clean
I keep you up
I cleanse you
I present you Holy and blameless
I give you the willingness and strength to fulfill what pleases me
I the Lord hold you up
And I can and I will keep holding you up
I will keep holding your hand
Through the highest of hills and the lowest of valleys
I will do all that
All you have to do
Is yield
To my strength
To my love
To my righteousness
To my guidance
Just yield
I have it all taken care of”

Thank you so much for reading and this was a continuation of the previous writing ‘ Come as you are’. Let us be confident in this one thing, nothing can separate us from God’s love❤️ Be blessed.


‘Come as you are’
Who I am right now?
Not the person I’ll be if you just give me 24 hours just to deal with some issues?
Can you just give me a second?
I’ll be right back
And I heard him speak again
‘Come as you are’

I looked down at my feet
They were bruised and calloused
My knees were bruised and bleeding
My pretty white dress I had on
It was torn and muddy
I could feel something run down my face
I’m obviously sweating
Wipped my face with the palm of my hands
And to my surprise, I was bleeding
How did I not notice?
Where is the wound?
How did I get it?
And whilst I was still trying to figure out the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’
It was dripping on my dress
I need to stop the bleed
And I heard him say it again
‘Come as you are’

“Sir just hold on
I’ll make you dirty
I’m saving you from all this
Let me just take a quick shower
Wrap myself in some bandages
Wear some fresh clothes
Then I’ll come”
And he said it again
“Come as you are”

What will I do to get through to him?
Whilst I was holding my head figuring out what to say
I couldn’t think straight
I saw him take a step closer
And in my head I was screaming, NO!
But in real life
I just stood and stared
Then he took another step
And I kept staring
Then he took a step closer
And I felt something stuck in my throat
Why do I feel something rise up in me?
Then he stretched out his arms
I ran into them
And cried

I wanted to stay right here
In his loving arms
What a warm embrace this was
And just when I stilled from crying, he whispered something to me
“I’ll wash you
I’ll clean your wounds
Bandage your bruises
I’ll clothe you
This dirt you have now
I’ll wash it
As white as snow
Allow me to”

Thank you so much for reading the return of Sunrise Friday ❤️I pray it blessed your heart just as it blessed mine when I read it.

“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord : though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.
Isaiah 1:18 ESV

Come to the Father, just as you ❤️His arms are wide open.


Why do you seem to always be my first instinct when you are not even a part of me?
Why do I have so much faith in you that you tend to linger and stay when you are not meant to?
Where is my faith?
Why do I trust you so much that you have access to my mind?
Where is my trust in the time of your invasion?
Do you have the power to erase the history recorded of all the times someone greater took your place?
Then why do I seem to forget?
When in a sea with no fish in my net and when in a raging sea with unsteady waters
How do I forget that He who spoke that I cast my net is the same who calmed the unsteady waters?

When worry comes in and scatters the pieces of this somewhat puzzle
Trust is the one thing that makes every piece fall in place
When worry brings in despondency my dependency on one who is greater overshadows the despondent me, displaces worry and places hope
Hope is an ever burning flame when the one fanning it is eternal and has eternity in their heart
Hope and worry cannot co-exist
So if hope is a person, then worry you have no room in here

Unlearning worry is finding Him
Let me tell you about Him
He is your calm
When worry comes with unwavering waters He speaks to the waves and calms these waters
He is joy
When worry tries to steal my joy the fullness of His presence instills unspeakable joy in my heart
He is peace
When worry tries to kill my peace, his ever present constant peace the kind of peace that is perfect, the kind of peace He reigns over and is crowned for reigns in my heart for He is the Prince of Peace
He is hope
He is light
He is everything good and perfect, the carrier of every burden of worry and the one whose yolk is easy
He is love, love that is made perfect that drives away every ounce of fear
He is Jesus and He is here!

Dear reader
In times of worry, tell me
Where is your Faith? Where is your trust? Who is your peace?

Thank you so much for reading ❤️Sunrise Friday had a guest writer today 💃🔥My awesome friend and writer Molly Mzumara ❤️Hope it’s blessed you as much as it did me❤️

Casting all your cares [all your anxieties, all your worries, and all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares about you [with deepest affection, and watches over you very carefully].
1 Peter 5:7 AMP


Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life
Matthew 6:27

This verse makes me smile because the obvious answer is ‘No’ but also puts up a pretty quick reminder
I lose time when I worry
If I can’t add a single hour due to worrying then I’m automatically loosing time
But here’s the thing
For a while now, I go ahead of myself
What I have or don’t have
What it will take for me to get what I need
And when I manage to get what I needed
I would begin worrying about another issue that needs attention too
And the cycle would go on and on
In an instance that I don’t see how it would all work out
Worry would come over me and keep me in a state where it will take joy and casting of my burdens to the Lord for me to get out of it
It is then that I begun to ask myself
Why do I find it easy to worry?
And I will ask you the same today
Why do you find it easy to worry?
The response to this question is Little Faith
Here’s how Matthew 6:30 NIV put it

“If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you-you of little faith”

And then the MSG translation
“If God gives much attention to the appearance of wildflowers- most of which are never seen-don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you?

So this marks the beginning of a poetry series on worry.
Lets begin to unlearn worry and start having faith and trust in the God who has the best for you and I

Happy Sunrise Friday


Look out for the flower growing through the concrete
The single ray in the sunshine that warms your skin
The raindrop in the rainfall that rolls down your window
The single stroke of the brush on a canvas
The wave that ripples further than any other wave to the shore

The grape tree in the vineyard that makes the best wine
The lion in the strongest pride
The bee in the hive that makes the sweetest honey
The tree in the forest that bears one of the best fruit
The single gust of wind that gives you a shiver down your spine
And breaks forth a solemn and entrancing sound

Meaning is not found in the complex
Simplicity gives the greater perspective
Like each single star in a galaxy
Find the future in each day that comes
Take a song for each word
Single details are as important as the full puzzle

I do not have a single picture to display his presence
But like a single raindrop in every rainfall
His Glory can be seen in all the little things
Melodies of his praises are played like a record across the land
The symphony itself directed by God’s hand
Notice a million little miracles making the beauty of the bigger picture

Thank you for reading today’s write-up❤️. This writing was done by myself and 2 amazing people (Muyunda & my brother Mapalo)🔥 It was inspired by a song we really love done by Elevation Worship and Maverick city (not yet officially released). It reminded me that I’m the most thankful about big miracles because they are so in your face and BIG that you can’t miss them but even between the big miracles are the million little miracles, Be thankful for them too💙🌼🙌🏾🙏🏾


In the spirit of returning, I really don’t have anything poetic but an encounter and a lesson learnt in less than a minute

I have been living at a certain place for a month now, there has been something that I have wanted to be changed or worked on for over a week and it was something that was always on my lips.
I would address it as usual but change wouldn’t still occur and it was a very IMPORTANT change to me.
So on a Thursday afternoon meaning yesterday, I complained about it and that made me feel a certain irritation and heaviness because I didn’t feel heard. To an extent that it messed up with my schedule because I couldn’t be still and productive. I knew something had to be done so guess what I did, I took it to the Lord in prayer.
It is a very trivial but IMPORTANT issue that if I told you what it is I would expect ‘the look’ that translates as “reallllllyy, that’s what the fuss is all about?”
But after I said my very low-voiced amen I knew that I was heard and he wasn’t looking at me with confusion on why it was disturbing me
I felt heard and all my irritation left without a trace
So whilst I was still figuring out what I would post for my return after a month of disappearance(due to school and writers block) because I really wanted something interesting, catchy and deep if I’m being honest, it was in that moment I decided to pick up my laptop and type something hence this.
The biggest takeaway I would like you to get from this is that HE HEARS YOU.
Ooh what joy that gives me because I know I have someone to talk to about anything and everything and HE UNDERSTANDS ME COMPLETELY.

I have a friend and he understands ❤️

He understands-Chandler Moore


It has become blatantly apparent
Evidently visible
Undoubtedly agreeable
That JESUS is the Prince of Peace

When boats were shaking and hearts were desperate
Desperate for help
Desperate for saving
He was right there with them
In the very situation were fear and panic existed, there he was with peace
There was a Prince
There was the Prince of Peace

When he was in a sticky situation with hungry people
And the people who walked with him and experienced his power doubted and fretted
He was at ease
He was peaceful
There was the Prince of peace

To think this is someone I have been forfeiting
I tried to maneuver around all the ways to find peace like a maze
But it has always been one track
His way

I didn’t actively forfeit him though but I didn’t choose him either
To forfeit the very definition of “peace is not the absence of problems but peace is the presence of him”
You can experience peace in any situation
If he is there, everything will bow at the sound of his voice
He can humble gusts of winds to a gentle breeze
Tell every shifting sand to cease
And every other problem to freeze

In his presence
Storms will calm
Food will multiply
The blind will see
The anxious, the afraid, the worried, the doubtful
Will rest
They will rest
When the Prince of Peace is in their presence

For me to experience the peace the Prince has
I have to make the decision to accept him and be in his presence first
He has always been by my side
That is an undeniable fact
But have I been on his?
I knew things had to change
And so I took a little journey to find my peace

I arrived upon a magnificent building
It was a sight to behold
I entered through the front gate
Walked down a beautiful garden then upon a door
I knocked and it was open

I walked down the hallway
I did not want to send a wrong message
But the aura of the place was calm
Almost as if time had come to a stand still
I sought and what I looked for I found
It was a throne room and there He was
It was as though he waited for my arrival
I asked and it was answered

To have peace amid chaos
Is to have him at the center
It’s to have the Prince of Peace in it
It’s to have Jesus within
And it’s about time I committed

Dear Lord, come into my heart
Come amid the winds that rush within
Make me a new creation
For I too may find a rock to place my peace on
When sands begin to shift
May you be my Lord and personal savior
When the waves and storms of life try to capsize my boat
I will thank you for calming the storms
For yours is the kingdom
Yours is the power
Yours is the glory
Forever and Ever

And from this moment I am a King’s child

This song is Graves into Gardens by Elevation worship ministered by Chandler Moore

And the peace series has come to a conclusion 💃🔥🔥💕Thank you for reading 💕This writing was done by my brother and I😍 If you haven’t read the other two,check them out😍 Just a short note or reminder.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
John 14:27 NIV

And this is my prayer over you.

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.
2 Thessalonians 3:16 NIV

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